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Balance Skin Care Spa is your one-stop-shop Facial and Waxing facility that specializes in Dermasound, Microdermabrasions, Dermaplaining, Peels, Waxings, and Back Facials.  If you don’t know which facial you need, I will take the time to go over some skin regiments to determine what type of facial is needed at your service. 

When I first visited Balance Skin Care Spa, I couldn’t go out of my house without wearing makeup. After 2 months of treatments I am able to leave my home without applying makeup. my self-esteem has improved greatly. 
- Sasha Owens

I used to get in grown hairs on my neck after shaving. A friend of mine recommended Balance Skin Care. After one month of treatments I have less ingrown hairs on my neck. 
- Brian Thompson

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I have 1 Balance Skin Care Spa facilities. My location has a complimentary relaxation lounge while waiting for your service. The relaxation lounge doesn’t have a time limit simply because I want you to treat your body to the pampering it deserves. Drop by my nearest location to enjoy a tour and free consultation today! 

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